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Request for assitance with photos


I have some photos that came from my Father, Ted Pease. He was killed 
on D-Day. Unfortunately none of the attached photos have people 
identified but I do know my Father.
The first photo has my Father in the centre rear in front of who I 
believe is Leo Gariepy. The other men are unknown to me.
He is pictured in the back left of #1 in a photo that I assume is of 
his tank crew. Only one man survived.
Picture #2 is of another crew and I have no idea who these people are.
Picture #3 had my Father in the centre first row and to his left is 
Leo I think. Leo Gariepy was the man who eventually took out the 88 
that destroyed so many tanks that day.

I doubt if there is anyone who would be able to recognize these men 
now but perhaps you have other photos that can be used. It would be 
of great interest to me to know if picture #1 is indeed his tank crew 
and to know the identity of the individuals pictured.


David Pease

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