Holy Roller Preservation Project
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Photos from 12 Mar 2022 - Final mods to turret and attach final drives

Photos from 19 Mar 2022 Mount turret ring

Photos from 26 Mar 2022 - Remount turret and maingun

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12 Mar 2022 - All the major parts have returned from Militex. The turret and nose are now back at Fanshawe. This week the team mounted the last suspension unit on the Driver's side of the hull. The two drive sprocket hubs have been put back on the nose. Next week we will reattach the nose to the hull. 

19 Mar 2022 - The re-assembling continued today. The Drive Sprocket spindles were bolted onto the nose. The Idler Wheel spindles were cleaned up and slid into place. The Crew Commander Cupola Race Ring was installed on the turret. The Turret Race Ring was bolted back onto the turret.

26 Mar 2022 - A huge milestone this week. With the help of the General Dynamics ARV crew, the turret was remounted. Also, for the second time in Holy Roller's history, the 75 mm gun was remounted in the turret. Holy Roller looks like a tank again and  not a Kangaroo.