Holy Roller Preservation Project
Photo Gallery

Photos from 21 July 2021 - Photo Documenting parts removed from Holy Roller

Photos from 24 July 2021 - Removing the Drive Sprockets from the Drive Hub

Photos from 28 July 2021 - Removing the Turret Basket and Floor

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21 July 2021 - The session was mainly to photo document the components that were removed from the hull. Interior cleaning continued while the exterior crew continues removing the bolts holding the drive sprocket hubs to the final drive

24 July 2021 - The session saw the removal of the Crew Commanders cupola and removing the left and right Drive Sprocket Hubs from the final drive. Of Course interior cleaning continued.

28 July 2021 - The priority of this session was the removal of the Turret Basket and floor. The main gun Elevating Mechanism came out as well